50 Year Flashback- La Vie 1966


We’ve been digging through the archives and thought the guys from 1966, now at the Golden Anniversary Stage, might appreciate a look back!

The excerpt reads:

“After the formal Homecoming, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Spring term Garbage Party stood out in sharp contrast. For this especially informal event, couples dragged rubble, broken fenders, trash cans and wallpaper to scribble on into the house. Casting off their grubby clothes when this weekend fling was ended, life returned to a normal whirl of activities for the Brothers.

The Junior Class President of the Arts and Architecture, Student Council, and the Fraternity Representative to USG are SAE’s.

MEmberhsip in the Professional Honoraries, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, and Scarab, as well as Androcles, hat society, indicates the scholastic efforts of the Brothers.

Rushed and given bids like any members of the fraternity, some 20 co-eds were named “little sisters of Minerva,” and shared in various functions of the house this year.


In the world of sports, Brothers were represented on the baseball, basketball and gymnastics teams. Intramural competition was a popular athletic pursuit for other men.”