Leadership, Accountability, and Relationship Management


Recently, we caught up with Brother Vinnie Lizza '13, who shared with us what SAE means to him, updated us on his career, and shared some news about a special someone he met at the Ranch!

“Currently I run Sales for NYC/NJ Division for a Specialty Software Product Company with Dell Technologies (formerly EMC Corp). I have been in the role approximately 18 months and have been at Dell EMC since graduating in May 2013. 

I think some of the biggest takeaways from being a part of the PA Alpha-Zeta were around leadership, accountability, and relationship management. To be successful in a very numbers/statically driven sales job, all three of the previously mentioned traits play directly into my ability to over-achieve on my goals and maintain myself above my peers. Outside of work, being a member of SAE Pa. Alpha Zeta has been hugely beneficial as I am marrying my College girlfriend- who I happened to meet at the Ranch!”