Who's Still Smitten After 50 Years?

According to Jim Lovejoy '63, love was certainly in the air during the early '60s. He can think of at least nine brothers who met their future wives at SAE and are still happily married to them 50 years later—including himself!

Jim says:

"Love was in the air in the early '60s. These couples met at SAE and are still together after 50 years: 

  • Kit & Robin Carson '63
  • Jim & Betsy Lovejoy '63
  • Marty & Ellie Strayer '64
  • George & Ann Mollenbrock '64
  • Don & Patty Noerr '64
  • Dick & Diane Ward '64
  • Larry & Nancy Raniere '64
  • Nelson & Barbara Brown '65
  • Bob & Ann Bried '65 

…and there may be more. A few other romances occurred in this time frame but are not together after 50 years. I hope I didn't forget any."

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