Help Your House Survive & Thrive

Recovery Plans for PAAZ Chapter

As lifelong SAE Alumni of the Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta Association (PAAZ), we have a vested interest in the future of the fraternity.  I know you share my commitment to making sure the core values of our experience carry on, so I’m writing to share critically important information.

In the recent survey, sent to over 700 active SAE PAAZ Alumni Brothers, via email and snail mail, overwhelming 75% of those that responded want to see the Chapter not only survive – but thrive at Penn State.  When asked to express a dollar amount you’d consider donating, initial soft pledges tallied a little over $50,000 in support. A special Phi Alpha recognition to Clement Newbold Jr. ‘61 for his immediate generous contribution of support.

However many of you stated your intent to give would be based on the plan to survive and thrive to re-colonization.

So, first the PAAZ Board wants you to be aware of the recolonizing activities, and second, we are asking you for your financial support, along with the question: don’t we Alumni, with our positive SAE experiences, with a lifetime of friends that helped develop and define us as adults, want to preserve our House…for us and for future SAEs?

As a result of the suspension of the PAAZ SAE Chapter by the University and SAE National, the soonest recolonization efforts could begin is fall, 2020 but realistically Spring 2021.  The House Corp (the “Board”) is developing a Recovery Plan to save the House and recolonize the PAAZ Chapter.