Help Us Make the 2019 Giving Year Strong!

As we began 2019 your PAAZ House Corp Alumni Board faced the stark reality that we were running out of money to maintain our property. In late January we announced an emergency fundraising campaign with a goal of $300K.  We are pleased to report donations are approaching $80K.  We are most grateful to Alumni like you who responded so quickly.  Thank you for your generous gifts. Your donations have allowed us to refinance our property and immediately begin $200K+ in needed renovations and improvements.

We are delighted with the support and encouragement from PAAZ Alumni who share the commitment to bring back our chapter stronger than ever.

Thank you again, for your generosity.

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You can donate online by simply going to our website, and selecting the Donate button at the top of the page. Donations can also be made through our toll-free Donation Hotline at 1-800-975-6699, or by sending a check made payable to Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Pennsylvania State University to:

Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Pennsylvania State University
Alumni Relations Processing Center
P.O. Box 7007
Albert Lea, MN 56007-8007

Thank you to all of the generous donors who have already made their gift!

The Ranch's True Gentleman Club ($5,000+)  
Francis Carr 1968
David Mason 1968
Harry Hill III 1970
Carmen Finestra 1971
Jeff Hembrock 1978
Joseph Naggar 1992
Jan Sockel 1969
Minerva's Circle ($1,000-$4,999.99)  
Col Jerry Kintigh 1954
John Losa 1956
Steven Jordan 1957
Jack Ehmann 1960
Charles Herlocher 1960
Clement Newbold Jr. 1961
Ronal Smith 1962
Robert Carson II 1963
Ron Thompson 1963
J. Nelson Brown Jr. 1966
Steven Close 1968
John Wyckoff 1968
William Bried 1969
James Diebold Jr. 1969
Richard Guida 1969
Raymond Szczotka 1969
G. Robert Brinley 1970
Captain Bruce Corbett 1975
Thomas Ruff 1977
Mark Christie 1978
Donald Corbett 1978
Gary Russell 1984
Michael DiFilippo 1989
Grant Pickering 1989
Brant Smith 1991
J. Nelson Brown III 1997
Eric Braz 2001
Daniel W. Baltrus  
Neil Chrisman III  
Rex & Leo Lion Club ($500-$999.99)  
William Robertson 1961
Richard Campbell 1964
Dr. Glenn McCausland 1964
Thomas Golden 1969
Robert Shenk Jr. 1969
Michael Genovese 1978
Alex Reethof 1980
H. Kevin Bressler 1983
Timothy Fallon  
Purple and Gold Club ($200-$499.99)  
Curtis Stone 1947
Charles Gerdes 1956
Guy Pierce III 1961
Thomas Kyle 1962
Bernard Plesser Jr. 1970
John Griffith Jr. 1974
Eric Lindner 1976
CPA Vincent Lucas 1978
Stephen Lucas 1983
Michele Santangelo 1983
Kevin Meck 1992
John C. Vivenzio 1993
David Briggs 1998
Gary McKnight 2008
Thomas Alloy  
Robert Busey Jr.  
S. Douglas Miller  
Richard Zachariason  
1856 Founders Society ($185.60)  
George Brinley IV 2000
President's Club ($100-$185.59)  
Peter Carpenter 1962
Peter Craig 1966
David Carson 1968
Roger E. Beck 1977
Scott S. Frautschi 1983
Scott Moon 1987
Keith Lawrence 1996
Leigh A. Digel  


Our college days came and went, but the real SAE Penn State experience never ends. If you cherish those lasting friendships, if you appreciate the values that shaped your life, make your annual gift Today!