WE ARE… Finally Getting Penn State Football Back!

Big 10 Football is BACK! For the third time this off-season, Penn State has a new football schedule, but this time it will be an eight-game slate, with a final game based on their placement in the Big Ten east. Click “Read More” for the details, and to see memorable moments in PSU football history.

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Notable Alumnus: Carmen Finestra ‘71

There is a long list of famous SAEs, and that’s not surprising. After all, SAE is a place where we learned leadership and incentive, and that attracted men of character. Here at Alpha-Zeta Chapter, we have our very own celebrity alumnus. Click “Read More” to learn about the many accomplishments of Distinguished Penn State Alumnus, Brother Carmen Finestra ‘71.

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The Vital Stats of Alpha-Zeta

A healthy Fraternity is a living thing. It requires maintenance, care, and supervision. You are a member and an owner!  To perpetuate our chapter and keep it strong, we as volunteers keep a close eye on the “beating heart” of our chapter, the Brothers and key statistics. Click “HERE” to see our flash report on Alpha-Zeta’s Vital Stats.

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