PAAZ Alum Maintains Valued and Enduring Friendships

Name: John Frattarola
Nickname: Fratt Pledge
Class: TUBES Graduated: 1976
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why did you join SAE PSU?

I didn't arrive at the main campus until I was a junior, after two years at the Middletown (Brandywine) campus. I roomed with a high school buddy, Marty Byczek, in Shunk Hall. But I disliked dorm life, especially after my roommate received a bid from SAE. I began to see him less and less, as he was attending parties and functions at the house several nights a week and on weekends. Loneliness encroached more and more. But thanks to Marty, despite my having long hair and a beard, I was invited to dinner (I remember Ed Foley picking me up in the parking lot) and a few parties at the house. After a few weeks, I was given the “blackball” treatment and then offered a bid by Joe Novello, Fred Fellmeth, Glen Holtzer, Geoff Osborne, and Mike Miller.

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Important News Regarding SAE

Important News Regarding SAEIf you're visiting Penn State this weekend or before the end of the semester, there are a few items you must be aware of: 

This is a message for not only actives but any and all alums planning to attend Blue-White weekend this Friday-Sunday. With the current restrictions from the IFC and University, the Housing Corp. has implemented a DRY rule for the house (and the property) through the end of the Spring Semester. If you plan to stop by the Ranch, you are not permitted to bring an alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) of any kind.  Regardless of age and graduation year. We ask that you please respect this as there is still a lot of uncertainty from the University and Greek life right now. As a secondary reminder, we did install security cameras all around/inside the House, so please don't make us track you down via video.

Please reach out to myself or Tom Chaffee with any concerns.

Phi A,

Vinnie Lizza '13, Chapter Advisor 

Come Visit The Ranch This Summer

Although The Ranch will be locked up for the summer for a few improvements, any PSU SAE Alums are more than welcome to schedule a visit if you're in the area. We already have a few distinguished guys visiting over Alumni Weekend June 2-4. Feel free to contact me or any of the House Corp board members directly or through our website and we'll try to accommodate you. Remember, it's YOUR house...especially if you're throwing a few bucks our way.

Phi Alpha

Tom Chaffee '81

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.