The PAAZ House Corporation wants you all to know today we have signed a lease with Phi Sigma Sigma (Sorority) National Housing Corporation. The agreement is a three-year term but allows the SAE Alumni brotherhood use of the 1st floor and Mid-Century Room during each summer recess.

Although this agreement guarantees lease income over the next three years, alumni donations for capital improvements will be critical to the execution of the lease. Such capital improvements will consist of total renovation to the first and second floor bathrooms, including expanding the second floor to 2 separate bathrooms and individual showers. As previously mentioned, these improvements are essential to the execution of the lease and ALL donations received will go directly towards capital improvements.

These improvements along with continued occupancy and a continuous maintenance program will protect “The Ranch” both now and in the future for our committed alumni brothers and the next group of SAE’s. We look forward to sharing more renovation details and fundraising progress.

The Re-colonization Process

The Re-colonization ProcessMaking the Plan Work

The SAE National Office will be directly involved in recruiting a new group of SAE's for the PAAZ Chapter.  Upon a successful Chapter re-colonization, the “re-occupation” of the House may take time. New members will have to earn their way into the House as determined ultimately by the PAAZ Alumni.

Although pledging was abolished years ago, the National Office is ready to unveil a new program which will replace pledging as a way to indoctrinate new members in the history and values of SAE PAAZ.  It will involve peer recognition of community contributions and in person or on line instruction.  Pride in the Chapter House will be a priority.

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Help Your House Survive & Thrive

Help Your House Survive & Thrive

Recovery Plans for PAAZ Chapter

As lifelong SAE Alumni of the Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta Association (PAAZ), we have a vested interest in the future of the fraternity.  I know you share my commitment to making sure the core values of our experience carry on, so I’m writing to share critically important information.

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